(N)Solstorms Tormund Giantsbane


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Show Results from Norrskenskatten - Luleå/Sweden


(N)Solstorms King of Hearts, CAC (Saturday), Champion and NOM (Sunday)


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Thanx to Marie and Marius!

(N)Solstorms Cattery is PROUD to present:


SW'17 (N)Solstorms Kiitos Tiina!!

Mother: IC (N)Solstorms Magda - min Mitsommernattsdrøm JW

Father: IC FIN*Lumikissan Urban Coboy



WARMEST thank you and congrats to owners

Renate and Jarle Viken at NO*Fredtun Cattery in Bergen/Norway for the co-operation and the great result!


All photos by:

Odd Lundberg

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(N)Solstorms King of Hearts, Ex.1, NOM, BIS and Best Club Cat in class 11 (Saturday) + CAC in class 9 (Sunday)


(N)Solstorms Queen of Charm, Ex.1 and BIV in class 9 (Saturday) + CAC, BIV, NOM + one vote in class 9 (Sunday)


Big congrats and thank you to Charms owner Heidi and Hearts' "fosterparents" Marie and Marius with great results this weekend.



Welcome to (N)Solstorms Cattery



About (N)Solstorms Cattery and family



We got the breeder name in 2004. After breeding birmans since 2005 we decided to consentrate our breeding on siberians only in 2008. We are not breeding Neva Masquerade.


Our cats are much loved family members. My females have kittens now and then and they will be availible for loving homes. We try to give the kittens the best possible start in life. They are raised under foot in a loving and caring enviroment, and do not leave Our cattery before they are 12 weeks. They are bred and sold according to NRR/Fife rules.


Our cats are bred according to the Fife-standard. We sell kittens to catteries who respect and share our Breeding ethics and goals. We don't make Money on Our breeding, rather the oposite. As most breeders do we make this effort because it's and interesting hobby and exiting Challenge. Also, we have met many wonderful People trough breeding and showing Our cats. Cats from Our cattery are living in Holland, Canada Norway and Sweden.


We are located in Storlien/Sweden, Close to the Norwegian border. The nearest town in Norway is Trondheim and in Sweden it is Östersund.


If you are interested in Our cats you are welcome to contact us:


E mail:

Phone: 0047 955 58 854




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Some of the wonderful cats that make up (N)Solstorms history

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